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Surrogacy is an additional service of the assisted reproductive technique involving a third person, thanks to which, a lot of women have a chance of maternity. The embryo/embryos which are on the 2nd -3 rd or 5 th -6 th day of their development, are obtained from  another woman’s egg, and is transferred into the surrogate mother’s uterus. The surrogate mother’s involvement in the treatment of in-vitro fertilization is necessary in cases where a woman’s health during pregnancy endangers her life, and/or childbearing is impossible.  Such examples are: Absence of the uterus due to surgical intervention (hysterectomy/removal of the uterus); Congenial vaginal agenesis (Rokitansky syndrome) / or its development pathology; Intrauterine endometrial adhesions (Asherman’s syndrome); Multiple myomas in the uterus threatening the pregnancy; Somatic diseases during which the pregnancy threatens the mother’s health / life (systemic diseases, renal disorders, diabetes mellitus, oncologic diseases); Several unsuccessful attempts of in-vitro fertilization; Recurrent pregnancy loss. There is no genetic connection between the surrogate mother and the fetus, since the embryo is obtained from the egg another woman. Prior to involvement of the surrogate mother in the treatment of in-vitro fertilization, she would have undergone respective clinical and laboratorial examinations. The surrogate mother can be involved both in the IVF cycle and the cryo cycle. The pregnancy is confirmed in 12 days after embryo/embryos transfer.  

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We help couples to fulfill their dreams. Life is a miracle!

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide various reproduction services for couples all around the world who are dreaming about a child. 

Our Motto

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We offer our reproductive services to people from any country all around the world;
We are world leaders in fertility and surrogacy services with a success rate of over 90%;

Our Success Rate

Success rate depends on many factors

Success Rate (IVF)

In our clinic the success index for the in-vitro fertilization under 35 is 65%, and above 35 - 40%.

Success Rate (Surrogacy / Donation)

Our success rate for the donation/surrogacy cycles reaches 80%.




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