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Diagnostics of Infertility

Infertility diagnostics is crucial in fertility treatment!

Diagnostics of Infertility

A couple should refer to reproductive institutions when:

  • pregnancy does not occur during 1 year of regular, unsafe sex in patients under 35;
  • pregnancy does not occur during 6 months of regular, unsafe sex in patients above 35.

Complex examination of a couple is performed at the Scandinavian Fertility Centre. To become pregnant the following is necessary:  

  • Ovulation in woman;
  • Permeable fallopian tubes;
  • Fertile sperm in men.

One menstrual cycle is sufficient to evaluate the above factors; after examining these three factors we can determine the main cause of infertility. If necessary, additional examinations may be made. Women above 35 are advised to evaluate ovarian reserve, in case of presence of anatomic defects - hysteroscopy/laparoscopy both for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes; in different specific cases - genetic examinations.

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