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Egg Donation

Thanks to egg donation motherhood is possible at any age!

Egg Donation

Egg donation means the use of another woman’s (donor’s) egg during in-vitro fertilization in case of absence of own eggs. Thanks to this intervention, women are given a real chance of pregnancy and a healthy baby’s birth.  
Egg donation has a lot of advantages, such as: obtaining of a sufficient number of eggs of good quality, and, accordingly the availability of additional healthy embryos in the cryopreservation process. Due to the fact that the eggs are taken from a young, healthy female body, it is less likely that the embryos develop with chromosomal anomalies from these eggs, and therefore the risk of self-abortions and congenital impairment is minimized.
Prior to this process the donor should undergo a detailed medical examination. After this, a controlled hyperstimulation of ovaries with gonadotropin shall be made to the donor. Stimulation causes the growth of multiple follicles in ovaries. The signs of egg donation include:

  • Premature ovarian failure;
  • Loss of the ovary/ovaries due to  surgical intervention;
  • Late reproductive age/reduced ovarian reserve/menopause;
  • Avoiding the transmission of women genetic pathologies hereditarily;
  • Gonadal digenesis (congenital development defect)/ congenital absence of ovaries (aplasia);
  • Several unsuccessful attempts of in-vitro fertilization conditioned by eggs bad quality;
  • Radiotherapy or chemotherapy.

In our clinic the success index of cycles using donor eggs is 80%.

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